Below, you will find a selection of videos that will allow you to listen to personal declarations by some of the anonymous people who witnessed these historic events.

Conxita Mestre (1935)

Her father was the owner of the saw mill at Pontaut, just a few metres from the Eth Pònt de Rei frontier in the Val d’Aran. Conxita talks about the mass arrival of refugees at the Eth Pònt de Rei frontier, the help given to those who secretly crossed the border and how many of those who were to be deported to France via the Val d’Aran committed suicide.

Source: Mireia Boya. Interview recorded at Les, in August 2012.

Enrique Caubet (1925)

In the 1940s, Enrique worked at the Hotel Verdad in Vielha which was one of the places used to house Jews in the Val d’Aran. He speaks of the contact that he had with some of the refugees, their secret arrival, their stay in Vielha and then their exit towards Lleida.

Source: Mireia Boya. Interview recorded at Les, in August 2013.

Francisco Pena (1932)

Francisco’s family live in Bossòst and Es Bòrdes and he used to be a livestock farmer. He tells us how refugees used to enter the territory via Artiga de Lin.

Source: Mireia Boya. Interview recorded at Bossòst, in February 2014.

Irene Boya (1929)

Irene was a neighbour of the administrator of the customs office of Les. She tells us how her family played host to a Jewish family and how the village of Les received many more such families following the massive arrival of refugees.

Source: Mireia Boya. Interview recorded at Les, in August 2012.

Josefa Busquet (1931) and Pilar Busquet (1934)

The two sisters speak about the family of refugees that stayed at their home in Les and about how the local council asked many households to help all of those who reached the village seeking refuge.

Source: Mireia Boya. Interview recorded at Les, in August 2012.

Alberto Poveda (1915-2011)

This official of the Govern Civil of Lleida, who was in charge of matters relating to foreigners detained in the Lleida Pyrenees, explains his memories and experiences relating to the arrival of Jewish refugees in the comarques (local districts) of Lleida.

Source: Josep Calvet. Interview recorded at Sort, in October 2005.

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Here you will find a collection of videos to learn about the personal statements of anonymous people who have become true witnesses of these historical facts.


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