Signposted routes

PYRENEAN ROUTE: EL PALLARS SOBIRÀ (+Info) The main evasion route followed by the Jewish refugees who fled from the French department of Ariège led from Aulus-les-Bains to El Pallars Sobirà via either the Lladorre mountains or the Guiló pass. The shepherds’ cottages and mountain shelters of Lladorre were used by the refugees to rest after tiring walks during which they were constantly persecuted. However, the majority of these refugees were captured by the Guardia Civil who patrolled all of the paths leading from France. The signposted route begins at the Guiló pass (2,371 m) and leads down to the Romedo de Baix pool. After passing the Llurri cottage, it arrives at the cottage of El Pla de la Borda, at Boavi. It then follows the course of the River Lladore to the village of Tavascan before continuing southwards to Ribera de Cardós, Llavorsí, Rialp and Sort.

PYRENEAN ROUTE: VAL D’ARAN (+Info) The Val d’Aran was the main entry point for refugees from the French departments of Haute-Garonne and Ariège. Until 1941, the customs office at Pont de Rei was the point of arrival for those seeking to enter Spain with all their papers in order. Later on, those escaping to Spain mainly used the mountain passes that led to Les, Canejan, Bossòst, Es Bòrdes and Montgarri. The parts of Aran that played relevant roles in the movements and stays of these refugees have now been signposted: Pont de Rei, Les, Es Bòrdes, Vielha, the tunnel of Vielha, the Bonaigua pass and Montgarri.

PYRENEAN ROUTE: L’ALT URGELL (+Info) L’Alt Urgell was the main escape route followed by Jewish refugees from the Principality of Andorra who followed the mountain paths that led to what is now the municipality of Valls de Valira. Andorra was one of the main passing points for refugees who sought to reach Barcelona, either by crossing the Cadí sierra or via La Seu d’Urgell. Various evasion networks operated there to great effect and several different escape routes were used. One of these routes, which leads from La Rabassa to Bescaran, via the Pimés pass and the rural shelters of Pudovern, has now been signposted. This route then goes on to Estamariu before finally arriving at La Seu d’Urgell via the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni.

PYRENEAN ROUTE: LA CERDANYA(+Info) Hundreds of Jews secretly arrived in La Cerdanya from the Principality of Andorra via the mountain passes of Claror, Perafita, La Portella and Vallcivera. Their objective was to reach Barcelona via the sierra of Cadí, La Seu d’Urgell or the River Llobregat valley. This route, which starts from Escaldes Engordany (Andorra) and crosses the Perafita pass, has now been signposted. Once in Catalonia, it runs down to the La Pera pools and then goes on to Arànser, Lles, Travesseres and Martinet. This was the shortest route between Andorra and La Cerdanya and offered the advantage of crossing a large area of forest, which made it easier to pass unseen.

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